Monday, May 23, 2016

2015-2016 Year in Review

Fundraising Highlights

The fundraising efforts in the school year 2015-2016 exceeded the goal of $89,200, raising nearly $122,000. This year, MESF received nearly $61,000 in family and staff donations through the fall Patron Program, with 61% student participation. With donor employee matching, $68,000 was raised in all. Nearly 410 families became Friends of the Foundation! Note: total is gross fundraising amount.

Ticket sales through the spring Mustang Raffle raised nearly $43,000, with 51% student participation. Note: total is gross fundraising amount. 

Grade level art show sales, biscuit mornings, and marquee birthday messages brought in nearly $11,000. Note: total is net fundraising amount. 

Allocation of Funds

The following items were funded by the Foundation’s budget & impacted every student:
  • Science Lab - competitive teacher salaries, 100% of lab supplies and equipment including two iPads, egg incubator, and digital microscope.
  • The Leader in Me (TLIM) - phase 2 of the Franklin Covey contract, entire Murdock staff training, 100% of TLIM supplies, and more.
  • Technology - teacher selected software and apps for every grade level.
  • Staff Collaboration Time - one day for every teacher at every grade level.
  • Lassiter Performances and Art Shows - costs associated with utilizing the Lassiter Concert Hall.
  • Campus Improvements - instructional classroom construction in the Media Lab, new outdoor track, minor sod repairs, irrigation system repairs, 5 basketball hoops, and basketballs for every classroom.

Board of Directors

A big thank you to the dedicated volunteers who rolled off this year: Miranda Austin, Leigh Ann Bernot, Leslie Lopez, Holly Smith, and Emily Beggs. Combined they served 20+ years on MESF’s Board. We will miss their service and will continue their dedication to Murdock as they pass the torch to our newest members for 2016-2017:
President, Amy Hecklinski
Vice President, Saralyn Dudley
Treasurer, Jessica Pedersen
Secretary, Carolyn Patel
Fundraiser Support, Cristina Micca
Art Shows, Amie Fragile
Science/Tech Liaison, Erin Wood
Needs Assessment, Meredith Dixon Lisa Aldridge
K-2 Teacher Liaison, Karen Lane
3-5 Teacher Liaison, Amy Trembley
Administration Liaison, Lynn Hamlet
Administration Liaison, Donna Long

Chairpersons 2016-2017: 
Biscuit Mornings, Jennifer Gibson
Birthday Marquee, Angela Sanchez
Webmaster, Andy Little
Legal Counsel, Michael Braun

Mission Statement

Provide resources that will enhance the learning environment and educational opportunities of the students at Murdock Elementary School.

Our Vision

To help each child achieve their personal best. To attract and retain top teachers and staff. To help our students remain competitive locally, nationally, and globally.